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Hi! My name's Mark Ginley, I'm a retired boxer turned fat loss and body re-composition coach who's spent years working with hundreds of people from all over the world.  I'm here to help you get in the best shape of your life or hit those strength and performance goals you've been striving for.


I pride myself on providing some of my industries best service, commitment, and real results for real people just like you. No photoshop, no gimmicks just plain and simple coaching, and an amazing community where we all look out for each other. If you need a little inspiration check out just a few of my amazing clients results. As well as coaching I am also very passionate about promoting boxing events. In the past, I have promoted White Collar Boxing events and raised thousands of pounds for different charities. This year I have moved on from White Collar Events to promoting Professional Boxing. My first Pro event was held in my hometown of Belfast in March. Keep your eyes peeled for future Ginley Promotion Sporting Events.


On the next few pages you'll find online personal training packages that can be designed specifically for you. Based on your individual profile, age, fitness level, available equipment, medical and fitness history. Coming soon, there will be pre-made training programmes for you to purchase and download to head out on your own with. Whichever option you go with I develop my  personal training plans so that you're always doing exercises that are right for you and getting the results you're after in a safe, manageable, and effective way. My customised personal training plans are designed for all ages, abilities, and fitness levels, as you will see from my client transformations. It really doesn't matter where you are now, I can help you to get to where you want to go. You may feel nervous, a little scared or apprehensive but that’s ok. The first step into your journey is always the hardest but you'll be happy you took it. Your programme will be built in such a way that it works with your life, and is sustainable long term. You'll be educated, not merely directed.


Now, you set the expectations and I'll do everything I can to meet them. We will work as a team to get things right. You get more than a total solution and peace of mind. I'm always only one click away from you.


Six months from now you'll wish you had started sooner...

Live & Learn...

WATER is key ?

Water is the solvent for biochemical reactions. The human body cannot function without sufficient water, which is why athletes can die from dehydration. Your body needs water for a variety of reasons, including to: moisten food (saliva) digest food (gastric secretions) transport nutrients to and from cells (blood) eliminate waste (urine), and dissipate heat (sweat)....
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SUPPLEMENTS and the Supplement Industry

Despite the pervasiveness of supplements in the fitness industry, there are very few products marketed to consumers and fitness fanatics alike that will even come remotely close to the effectiveness of a healthy diet which sources those desired nutrients from whole foods. Almost all supplements sold in powder form contain artificial coloUrs, artificial sweeteners and...
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Myths About Training Fighters

It’s impossible for me in one article to clarify all the myths about training fighters, but I can give you an overall perspective based upon my work with professional/ amateur boxers and from my own experience as a fighter. 1. Over-emphasis on easy work Skipping and jogging can certainly be used as a warm-up to...
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