SUPPLEMENTS and the Supplement Industry

Despite the pervasiveness of supplements in the fitness industry, there are very few products marketed to consumers and fitness fanatics alike that will even come remotely close to the effectiveness of a healthy diet which sources those desired nutrients from whole foods.
Almost all supplements sold in powder form contain artificial coloUrs, artificial sweeteners and filler ingredients that may not be beneficial to long-term wellness.

The fastest growing supplement category in the fitness industry is the pre-workout.
These supplements are often filled with unproven ingredients and stimulants and quite frequently contain low doses of ingredients actually proven to be clinically effective.

A novice trainee should not purchase a large supplement stack to begin training.

A better use of money would be to invest to educate themselves on how to properly program exercise which which will have the greatest effect on progress.

Someone who has not already dialed in their diet for maximum recovery and health should not attempt to do this with supplements.

Some of the supplements that are worth researching and potentially taking are creatine, caffeine, vitamin D3 (especially for those who don’t get much sun), a probiotic supplement, fish oil (if your diet is not rich in omega threes) and beta alanine.

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